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We provide the finest quality Pyrophyllite which is a secondary mineral of composition Al2O3 4 SiO2 H2O. Pyrophyllite that we provide to the clients is properly tested and free from impurities. Brightness of pyrophyllite plays a key role in describing the utility and value of Pyrophyllite in different industries. The presence of quartz and colored minerals such as iron-oxide-hydroxide, opaque, chlorite, and miraculous minerals decreases the overall brightness of the material. We efficiently supply Pyrophyllite Powder with 88+ brightness of 200 meshes.

Chemical properties :
  • Raw Pyrophyllite
  • Loss of Ignition : 7.40%
  • Silica : 58.70%
  • Alumina : 31.40%
  • Ferric Oxide : 1%
  • Titania : 0.80%

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Pyrophyllite Lumps


Pyrophyllite Lumps

Pyrophyllite Lumps are harder in form. Pyrophyllite never fluxes when fired. Therefore, it is used in high-grade ceramic products, electric insulators and refractories. Pyrophyllite also imparts thermal shock resistance to ceramic bodies and also used as filler and dusting powder in various industries. Pyrophyllite is used instead of feldspar as a source of aluminum in glass industry. It is soft and used extensively in handicraft industries in making of articles.

Advantages :
  • Low thermal expansion and shrinkage
  • Faster firing cycles in the manufacture of white ware
  • In production of stoneware and chinaware
  • More mechanical strength
  • Improved whiteness
  • Lower firing temperature
  • Consumed in refractory
  • Used in wall tiles
  • In sanitary ware
  • Electrical porcelain
  • Other ceramic
  • Vitreous china products

Calcined Pyrophyllite


Calcined Pyrophyllite

We supply Calcined Pyrophyllite of finest quality. The Calcined Pyrophyllite manufactured by us is calcined by DD & Rotary Kiln, Depends on customer’s choice. After calcinations, it looses 6-9% material which is known as Loss of Ignition (LOI). Therefore after calcinations it gains more strength, due to higher percentage of alumina.

Pyrophyllite Powder


Pyrophyllite Powder

Pyrophyllite Powder can be collected in fine powdered form that looks like talc but it is unlike talc. We efficiently supply Pyrophyllite Powder to you as per your requirement providing different specifications.

Used For :
  • Manufacturing refractory materials
  • Ceramic materials
  • Filler of paper
  • Rubber
  • Coating
  • Cosmetic
  • Agricultural insecticide
  • Glass fiber
  • Carving and signets

Available In :
  • 100 mesh to 250 mesh
  • Packing : In bulk

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