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Bentonite is naturally occurring plastic clay of great commercial importance. Bentonite is mainly used as a binder in medium and high-grade casting, in foundry industry, in palletizing iron ore etc., as a component of cement and concrete mix in construction of dams, canals, reservoirs, as a component of drilling mud in water well and oil well drilling. It is also used in paper, ceramic, lubricant, soap and detergent, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, insecticide, etc. Besides, it is used for purification, clarification and discoloration of oil, sewage, industrial waste liquors, food and beverage, etc. Its suitability as an additive to soil for preservation of fertility has also been established.

Range :
  • Bentonite Lumps
  • Bentonite Powder

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Bentonite Lumps

Bentonite Lumps
We offer the best quality Bentonite Lumps to you as per your specifications. Bentonite is naturally occurring plastic clay of great commercial importance and it falls mainly under montmorillonite group (OH4 Si8 Al4 O20­ nH2O). We provide timely delivery of Bentonite Lumps within stipulated time period. We are supplying from Sagour & Damoh,

Bentonite Powder

Bentonite Powder
We offer our customers an excellent range of Bentonite Powder, which find wide application in the manufacturing of paints, grease, cosmetics and other applications in oil well drilling, earthing, foundry, welding rods etc. These are sourced from quality conscious manufacturers.

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